POP Series Holographic Hot Stamping Foils

POP Series Holographic Hot Stamping Foils

13 Oct 2023

The POP series holographic hot stamping foils is a premium collection designed to bring a new dimension of visual appeal and sophistication to your projects.

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Main Properties of POP Series Holographic Hot Stamping Foils

● Versatility for Various Graphic Substrates: Holographic hot stamping foils are designed to be versatile and can adhere to a wide range of graphic substrates, making them suitable for various applications in industries like packaging, labeling, and printing.

● Stability and Adhesion: These foils exhibit good stability, ensuring consistent performance over time. The strong adhesion properties contribute to a lasting and reliable application on different surfaces.

● Stamping Temperature: The low stamping temperature is a key feature, allowing for energy-efficient and high-speed stamping processes. It can be advantageous for applications where a quick and efficient production process is essential.

● Metallic Gloss and Holographic Effect: The foils offer a high level of metallic gloss, providing an attractive and eye-catching appearance. The incorporation of holographic effects enhances the visual appeal, making the stamped areas stand out with dynamic, multi-dimensional patterns.

● Heat Resistance: The foils demonstrate good heat resistance, allowing for a wide stamping temperature range. It is beneficial for applications where temperature variations may occur during manufacturing or end-use.

● Transferring Performance: The foils exhibit good transferring performance, enabling the stamping of fine details as well as medium-sized areas. The flexibility in application makes them suitable for a variety of designs and patterns.

● High Definition and Sharp Edge: The holographic hot stamping foils provide high definition in stamped images, ensuring clarity and precision. Sharp edges without bubbles or flakes contribute to the overall quality of the stamped output.

● Anti-Scratch and Rub Resistance: The foils offer good anti-scratch and rub resistance properties, enhancing the durability of the stamped graphics. It is particularly important for applications where the stamped material may be subject to handling or friction.

● Pattern Variety: With more than 40 available patterns and the option for customized designs, including registered lens and 3D embossing patterns, these foils offer a wide range of creative possibilities for designers and manufacturers.

● Color Options: The availability of silver, gold, and transparent bases provides flexibility in choosing the base color that best complements the overall design and substrate.

● Compliance: The foils are compliant with environmental standards such as ROHS, REACH, and VOC, emphasizing their adherence to regulations and commitment to environmental responsibility.


Labels, cigarette packaging, regular packaging like cosmetic cartons, candy packaging, wine boxes,  greeting cards, tubes, advertising material, and other graphic materials.

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Printing Machine

Flat-bed and up-and-down press, cylinder, and rotary machines.


Plain paper, printed paper, coated paper, plastic label, and OPP laminates, paper with some UV varnishes.

Stamping Temperature

● 110-150℃ on flat-bed and up-and-down machines.
● 120-160℃ on cylinder machines.
● 160-205℃ on rotary machines.

Shades Available

Silver, gold, and transparent based.

Transform your projects into captivating works of art with the POP series holographic hot stamping foils. These foils not only enhance the visual appeal of your designs but also contribute to a memorable and immersive experience for your audience. Elevate your creativity and make a lasting impression with the POP series holographic hot stamping foils.