FXL Holographic Registered Lens Cold Foil Series

  • FXL Holographic Registered Lens Cold Foil Series

FXL Holographic Registered Lens Cold Foil Series

For Labels with Lens Effect

Main Properties

• Unique lens appearance with excellent anti-counterfeiting performance, strong 3D embossing effect.
• Precise positioning.
• High metallic gloss.
• Good release property and good for high speed stamping.
• Excellent transfer performance, suitable for applications with both fine details and board areas.
• Good adhesion to various substrates like coated paper, PE, PP, PET etc.
• Excellent overprintability with strong ink adhesion.

Regular labels, shrink-sleeves labels, in-mold labels (IML) and plastic tubes material in roll.

Printing Machine
Any flexo, letterpress, offset printing machines for label printing equipped with registered system.

Regular label stock like PE, PP, PET, synthetic paper, pearl film, plastic tubes material in roll like PE roll, etc., IML labels material, and shrink-sleeves label stock like PETG. Non-absorbent paper.

Shades Available
Gold/Matte Gold, Silver/Matte Silver and other colors are available.

Transport and Storage

• Please use the product within one year from ship on board date.
• Keep the product in its original package and keep away from high temperature, high humidity or sunlight exposure.
• Highest temperature for storage is 35℃.
• Highest temperature for transport is 50℃.
• Jumbo rolls should be suspended horizontally and avoid direct contact with the ground or other items.