About Dragon Foils

about factoryDragon Foils Ltd.  is a leading cold & hot foil manufacturer in China. The brand “DRAGON FOILS” enjoys high reputation in both domestic and overseas market. Dragon Foils is a subsidiary of Guangdong Ruian Group, which is a National High-tech Enterprise & Famous Brand Enterprises in China. Covering an area of  70,000 ㎡, we are located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, which is two hours’ drive from Hong Kong.

Market Share. Dragon Foils was established in 2006, with 20-25 years experienced production and management team, over 60% of the products are exported to more than 70 foreign countries including USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Australia, Brazil, India, UAE, Japan, Korea, etc.

R&D Strength. Different from other Chinese foil manufacturers taking homogenous formula in production, Dragon Foils is always appreciating the principle of technology innovation oriented, therefore we build a R&D team made up by experienced engineers, engineering masters, as well as R&D and QC department with state-of-the-art equipments and comprehensive testing method. Dragon Foils also develops a long-term and close cooperation with South China University of Technology and other well-known colleges and research institutes, which helps to establish a substantial science basis and strong R&D capacity. As a result, the metallic and holographic cold foils, one of our independently innovative products, ranks in the international leading level.

Production Strength. To keep the stability of production, Dragon Foils spares no efforts to introduce plenty of sophisticated inspection machines, including electronic tensile machine, vacuum metallizing machine, UV curing machine, imported Heidelberg automatic stamping machine, flexo press, X-rite spectrophotometer, Fourier infrared spectrometer, etc. Consequently, the automation of manufacturing process in Dragon Foils is quite far ahead of other foil manufacturers in China, which enables a reliable quality assurance to our customers.

Customer Service. When producing high-quality products, Dragon Foils pays high attention to the communication with customers and are highly willing to provide technical support when needed. With a technical and a management team good in English communication skill, we are able and eager to communicate well with our customers. To solve problems for customers and gain their satisfaction is our greatest aspiration, which drives us to do our best to express our gratitude to their trust and support as always.



Dragon Foils has strong production capacity:
  • Annual Output over 250+ m2 per year
  • 9 Sets of Coating Machines
  • 1 Vacuum Metallizer Workshop
  • 12 Sets of Slitting Machines
  • 8 Sets of Seamless Embosser
  • A new production plan will be completed in 2021.


Dragon Foils has excellent management, sales, production, R&D and QC team, which includes 20 R&D staffs and over 40 QC staffs.


Dragon Foils has over 1000 customers in domestic and overseas markets. We export to over 70 countries all over the world.


Dragon Foils has over 100 holographic pattern and colors. Holographic patterns include regular pattern, customerized pattern and registered lens.