OSC Series Holographic Offest Cold Foil

  • OSC Series Holographic Offest Cold Foil

OSC Series Holographic Offest Cold Foil

For Offset Sheet-fed Printing Packaging

Main Properties

• Specially design for both conventional and UV applications;
• High metallic gloss and excellent holographic effect.
• Smooth release and good for high speed stamping
• Excellent transferring quality, good for stamping with fine details, halftone and board area, a good solution to the problems like missing in the fine detail, cracks in the board area, pinholes, etc.
• Good adhesion to various substrates.
• Excellent overprintability with strong ink adhesion.
• ROHS,REACH, VOC approved.
• Available for more than 40 patterns as well as customized design, including registered lens, Fresnel lens.

Regular packages, tobacco package, greeting cards, books, etc. 

Printing Machine
Heidelberg, Man Roland, Komori, KBA, and any other offset press with extra in-line cold foiling systems, including but not limited to Eagle System, Vinfoil, Compact Foiler, Foiltone, Masterwork, Yoco, Magnolia, ect. 

A wide range of coated paper/ folding carton and plastic materials (PE, PP, PET), printed paper, and other substrates with non-absorbent surfaces

• UV application: Zeller & Gmelin UVALUX U0830 (for gold foil)and U0831(for silver foil),INXCure UV Cold Foil Adhseive HT 1409286, etc.
• Conventional application: Zeller & Gmelin O0830  (for gold foil)and O0831(for silver foil), INX OSF Cold Foil Adhesive 1511283, etc. 
Other adhesive for sheet-fed offset cold foil application is also applicable and previous tests are needed.
Shades Available
Silver, gold, and transparent based.

Transport and Storage

• Please use the product within one year from ship on board date.
• Keep the product in its original package and keep away from high temperature, high humidity or sunlight exposure.
• Highest temperature for storage is 35℃.
• Highest temperature for transport is 50℃.
• Jumbo rolls should be suspended horizontally and avoid direct contact with the ground or other items.


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