Dragon Foils lectured at LMAI Annual Conference 2019

Dragon Foils lectured at LMAI Annual Conference 2019

07 May 2020

LMAI Annual Conference 2019 was hold by India Manufacturers Association of India (LMAI) in the southern Indian city of Kochi from 25 to 28 July. The LMAI Annual Conference is the biggest event in label-printing industry in India this year. More than 550 industry representatives from all over the world attended this conference.

As the only one stamping foil supplier and sponsor of this conference, the General manager of Dragon Foils -- Mr. Raymond gave a lecture on "The Innovation & Frontier of Cold Foil Technology" at the conference. 

At the same time, Dragon Foils discussed the future development of stamping foil, and introduce our new products, including double-sided cold foil for shrink-sleeve labels, cold foils for IML, registered lens cold foils,etc.

The theme of this conference is FUTURE NEXT (Future Development), which aims to discuss the future development direction of label printing technology. The annual meeting opened after the lighting ceremony. Mr. Sandeep Zaveri, Chairman of the Association of Indian Label Manufacturers (LMAI), warmly welcomed industry representatives from all over the world. Among the companies participating in the conference, there are many international giants such as Avery Dennison, Du Pont, Flint Group, Gallus, and many Chinese powers. For example, Dragon Foils Laser, Guangzhou Pulisi, Zhejiang Weigang, Lingyun Optoelectronics and other well-known enterprises in the industry.

During the meeting, the general manager of Dragon Foils Laser Lu Youjing gave a lecture on "The innovation & frontier of cold foil technology". As the only supplier and sponsor of bronzing foil materials at the conference, Dragon Foils Laser deeply discussed the future development of bronzing film at the conference, and led to the company's future development of new products, including double-sided cold foil for shrink labels Foil, cold foil used for the internal standard of the film, positioning cold foil and other new products have been warmly sought after by the participants.

The second annual meeting ended with a special round table, which enabled all representatives to communicate face-to-face with label printers, fully understand their requirements, and better respond to the challenges they encountered.

After the summit, Dragon Foils Laser and his party flew to Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi and other places to visit local customers and distributors, and actively explore the Indian market. This LMAI summit once again enhanced and consolidated Dragon Foils Laser's reputation in the Indian market.