Holographic Foil and Holographic Stickers

Holographic Foil and Holographic Stickers

10 Oct 2023

Main Differences Between Holographic Foil and Holographic Stickers

Hologram hot stamping foil is ideal for high-volume production and is more suitable for products that require a durable and long-lasting security feature. Hologram security stickers are a more versatile option and can be used on a wide range of products and documents.

Holographic Foil

Hologram hot stamping foil is a special type of foil used to create holographic images on various surfaces, typically paper or cardboard. Holographic foil is manufactured in the same way as metallic foil but contains an embossed pattern that diffracts light and displays the colors of the spectrum at different angles. The process of hologram hot stamping involves pressing the foil onto the surface using a combination of heat and pressure.

Why Choose Holographic Foil?

Where packaging and distinctiveness are critical, holographic foil can add a level of uniqueness and increase brand awareness. Using holographic foil also improves packaging quality, adds value, and has been shown to help increase sales to some extent.

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What Is a Holographic Sticker?

Holographic stickers are stickers that have been printed on material that has a special iridescent-like effect. They have a rainbow sheen that, when covered in ink, provides a “holographic” background. When these stickers catch the light, they flash all the colors of the rainbow.

Aside from the iridescent-effect vinyl that the stickers are printed on, holographic stickers are made in the same way as many other types of stickers.

What Are Holographic Stickers Used For?

Holographic stickers are a popular choice for a variety of uses, thanks to their unique visual appeal and versatility. Here are some common uses for holographic stickers:

Branding: The eye-catching nature of holographic stickers can help increase brand recognition and awareness. Many businesses use holographic stickers as part of their branding efforts.

Security: Holographic stickers can be used on high-value items such as electronics, luxury goods, and pharmaceuticals as a security measure to deter counterfeiting and tampering.

Decoration: Holographic stickers can also be used for decoration purposes, such as on phone cases, laptops, and notebooks. The reflective and colorful nature of holographic stickers can add a unique touch to any item.

Education: Holographic stickers can also be used for educational purposes. For example, teachers can use holographic stickers to reward students for good behavior or academic achievements.

Art: Holographic stickers are also popular in the art community, with artists using them in their work to create a unique visual effect.