FXL Series Narrow-web Holographic Registered Lens Cold Foil

FXL Series Narrow-web Holographic Registered Lens Cold Foil

13 Oct 2023

Holographic Registered Lens Cold Foil provides numerous advantages and aesthetic enhancements for various types of labels and packaging materials. This innovative cold foil application offers a registered lens effect, ensuring precision in the placement of holographic elements on labels.

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Main Properties

• Unique lens appearance with excellent anti-counterfeiting performance, and strong 3D embossing effect.
• Precise positioning.
• High metallic gloss.
• Good release property and good for high-speed stamping.
• Excellent transfer performance, suitable for applications with both fine details and board areas.
• Good adhesion to various substrates like coated paper, PE, PP, PET, etc.
• Excellent overprintability with strong ink adhesion.

Printing Machine

Any flexo, letterpress, or offset printing machines for label printing are equipped with the registered system.

Flexo Printing Machines: Holographic Registered Lens Cold Foil is compatible with flexo printing machines, allowing for the incorporation of holographic elements during the label printing process.
Letterpress Printing Machines: Letterpress printing machines can also utilize this technology, ensuring that the holographic effects are accurately registered on the labels or packaging materials.
Offset Printing Machines: Offset printing machines equipped with a registered system can efficiently apply holographic cold foil, providing a high-quality and precise holographic finish to printed materials.


Regular label stock like PE, PP, PET, synthetic paper, pearl film, plastic tube material in a roll like PE roll, etc., IML label material, and shrink-sleeves label stock like PETG. Non-absorbent paper.

Shades Available

Silver, gold, and transparent based.

Silver: Classic and versatile, silver holographic effects provide a timeless and elegant look suitable for a wide range of products.
Gold: Radiant and luxurious, gold holographic effects add a touch of opulence, making products appear high-end and prestigious.
Transparent Based: This shade offers a subtler holographic effect, allowing the underlying colors and design elements of the label or packaging to shine through while still providing a unique and captivating visual experience.

Application of Holographic Registered Lens Cold Foil

Regular Labels: Holographic Registered Lens Cold Foil can be applied to regular labels, adding a distinctive and visually appealing holographic dimension to enhance the overall product presentation.
Shrink-Sleeve Labels: This technology is suitable for shrink-sleeve labels, allowing for seamless integration of holographic effects on the packaging material, creating eye-catching designs that stand out on the shelf.
In-Mold Labels (IML): The registered lens effect ensures precise holographic detailing on in-mold labels, providing a premium look to products such as containers, bottles, and other IML applications.
Plastic Tube Material in a Roll: The application of holographic cold foil on plastic tube material in a roll offers a versatile and cost-effective solution for manufacturers seeking to elevate the visual appeal of their products.
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Advantages of Holographic Registered Lens Cold Foil

Versatility: Suitable for various label types and packaging materials, offering flexibility in design and application.
Enhanced Aesthetics: The holographic effects, available in silver, gold, and transparent shades, contribute to an enhanced visual appeal, making products more attractive to consumers.
Brand Differentiation: Incorporating holographic elements through cold foil application helps brands differentiate their products in a crowded market, creating a premium and memorable impression.
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In summary, Holographic Registered Lens Cold Foil is a sophisticated and versatile solution for label and packaging enhancement, offering precision, versatility, and a range of visually stunning holographic effects for various printing machines and materials.

Try investing in the FXL series narrow-web holographic registered lens cold foil for your projects and explore the different effects.