FXC Series Narrow-web Holographic Flexo Cold Foil

FXC Series Narrow-web Holographic Flexo Cold Foil

13 Oct 2023

Holographic flexography is a printing technique that combines flexography, a high-speed printing method, with cold foil application and holographic effects. This process allows holographic patterns to be applied to labels or packaging materials during printing. Flexography uses flexible relief plates and is particularly suitable for large-scale production. Cold foil application involves transferring a metallic foil to the substrate without the need for heat.

The holographic element adds a three-dimensional, dynamic quality to the printed material, enhancing its visual appeal. Holographic flexo cold foil is widely used for regular labels, shrink-sleeve labels, in-mold labels (IML), plastic tubes, etc. for creating eye-catching and distinctive product labels.

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Main Properties of FXC Series Narrow-web Holographic Flexo Cold Foil


Metallic Gloss and Holographic Effect

The high metallic gloss of the foil contributes to a luxurious and eye-catching appearance. The holographic effect enhances visual appeal, providing a dynamic and shifting pattern as the viewing angle changes.

Release Property for High-Speed Stamping

The good release property makes it suitable for high-speed stamping processes, allowing for efficient and fast production.

Transfer Performance

The excellent transfer performance of the foil makes it versatile for various applications, including those requiring fine details and solid areas.

Adhesion to Various Substrates

Holographic flexo cold foil exhibits good adhesion to a wide range of substrates, including coated paper, PE (Polyethylene), PP (Polypropylene), PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate), and more. The versatility makes it applicable to diverse printing and packaging materials.

Overprint Ability and Ink Adhesion

The foil demonstrates excellent overprint ability, allowing for additional printing processes to be applied on top with strong ink adhesion. This feature contributes to the foil's compatibility with various printing techniques.

Pattern Variety and Customization

With a selection of more than 40 patterns, including registered lens and 3D embossing patterns, the foil offers a broad range of design options. Customized designs are available, providing flexibility for specific branding or artistic requirements.

Color Options

Holographic flexo cold foil is available in silver, gold, and transparent bases, offering a choice of metallic finishes and a transparent option that allows for a holographic effect on a see-through background.

These properties collectively make Holographic Flexo Cold Foil a versatile and visually appealing option for applications in the printing and packaging industry, especially where a combination of metallic sheen, holographic effects, and customization options is desired.

Printing Machine

• Flexo: Mark Andy, Omet, Nilpeter, Gallus, Gidue/Bobst, Weigang, ETI, Dowell, etc.
• Letterpress/rotary press: Labelman, Taiyo, Label Long, Label Source, etc.
• Offset press: Weigang, Zonten, Wanjie, etc.


Regular label stock like PE, PP, PET, synthetic paper, pearl film, plastic tube material in a roll like PE roll, etc., IML label material, and shrink-sleeves label stock like PETG. Non-absorbent paper.

Shades Available

The foil's availability in silver, gold, and transparent bases provides flexibility in choosing a color that complements the overall design and branding strategy.

Application of FXC Series Narrow-web Holographic Flexo Cold Foil


Regular Labels

The foil can be effectively used for regular labels, enhancing the visual appeal of products with its high metallic gloss and holographic effects. It is suitable for various industries, including food and beverage, cosmetics, and consumer goods, where labels play a crucial role in attracting consumer attention.

Shrink-Sleeve Labels

Shrink-sleeve labels benefit from the foil's good adhesion properties, ensuring that the holographic and metallic effects remain intact even after the shrinking process. The foil can contribute to a 360-degree branding experience on products with shrink-sleeve packaging.

In-Mold Labels (IML)

Holographic Flexo Cold Foil is well-suited for in-mold labeling processes, offering excellent adhesion to plastic materials commonly used in this application. The holographic effects can enhance the visual appeal of products with in-mold labels, making them stand out on the shelves.

Plastic Tube Material in the Roll

When applied to plastic tube material in the roll, the foil provides a versatile solution for packaging various products such as creams, ointments, and other cosmetic or personal care items. The foil's good release property is particularly beneficial in high-speed production processes associated with the application of labels on plastic tubes.

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In summary, the FXC series narrow-web holographic flexo cold foil stands as a versatile and visually striking option, meeting the demands of modern printing and packaging. Dragon Foils is committed to providing quality FXC series narrow-web holographic flexo cold foil, contact us immediately and find the perfect solution for your project.