Five Methods of Hot Stamping Processing

Five Methods of Hot Stamping Processing

17 May 2022

With the development of hot foiling stamping technology, hot stamping processing has become a common part of printed materials.

Hot stamping is brightly colored and plays a very good decorative effect. The China hot stamping process is widely used on printed materials such as delicate packaging decorations, trademarks, and book covers, in addition, the process can be applied to leather, silk fabrics, paper, plastic, and other materials.

The hot stamping process gives the product a high-grade texture, and at the same time plays a role in protecting the printed material due to its excellent physical and chemical properties.

This article introduces five kinds of hot-stamping methods, each with different characteristics, you can match different designs to choose a different hot stamping method.


hot foil for stamping

 ●  Flat Hot Stamping

The purpose of flat stamping is to highlight the location of the stamping mainly, flat stamping is the most commonly used stamping method, only the content that needs to be stamped will have metal, other places for white or printed content.

Flat ironing will be the most important information foil stamping. Compared to other processes, flat foil stamping is also less paper-intensive and less prone to errors.


 ●  Hot Stamping on the Reverse Side

The reverse foil stamping part is used to set off, with metal hollow to highlight the location of the white space. Counter-stamping needs to take into account the characteristics of the paper, if the surface is not smooth paper, it is not recommended to use counter-stamping, because the fineness of large-area stamping is easily affected by the effect of paper grain.

The usual practice of reverse stamping will be to use a large graphic to surround the prominent graphics, the surrounding graphics will be stamped, and to highlight the graphic hollowed out, thus forming the effect of reverse stamping.

When reverse stamping is required, the price will be higher if the area of gold foil lining is large. In addition, the lines of the graphics to be highlighted should not be too thin, otherwise, the effect of the finished product will not be satisfactory.


 ●  Overlapping Printing and Hot Stamping

Printing and stamping overlap is the printing design is cleverly combined with the printing color, which is a relatively difficult processing technology. This practice is not only a test of the master's skills but also a test of the designer phase color matching thinking.

Process master will generally do the printing first, and then while hot stamping, hot stamping process on the location of the high degree of precision, but the finished printed products are first-class effect, playful.


 ●  Multi-color Hot Stamping

Multi-color stamping is a variety of stamping color overlaps, in order to highlight the graphics, will be stamping on the same graphic twice or more, this process is called multi-color stamping.

When there are multiple colors to do multiple stamping processes, attention needs to be paid to the stamping position and the compatibility of the gold foil. This type of stamping requires high precision stamping. If the design of the two stamping distances is set too short, it may make two colors paste together.


 ●  Three-dimensional Hot Stamping

The combination of hot stamping and embossing process is three-dimensional stamping so that the part of the stamping is raised, forming a three-dimensional relief effect. However, it is important to note that the back of the three-dimensional stamping will have a concave effect, so remember to leave the reverse side white when designing, otherwise, the graphics or text will be affected.



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