DT Series Digital Enhancement Foil

DT Series Digital Enhancement Foil

13 Nov 2023

Digital enhancement foil appears to be a versatile and high-performance material suitable for a range of stamping applications, offering not only aesthetic enhancements but also practical qualities such as durability and efficient application processes.

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Main Properties of Digital Enhancement Foil


Strong 3D Effect after Stamping

The 3D effect achieved after stamping with Digital Enhancement Foil is likely due to advanced technology in the foil manufacturing process. The effect can enhance visual appeal, making printed materials stand out with a tactile and visually striking appearance.

Rich Colors, High Metallic Gloss

The digital enhancement foil is designed to produce vibrant and rich colors, giving a visually appealing finish to stamped areas. The high metallic gloss indicates a reflective and shiny surface, adding a premium and luxurious look to the printed material.

Good Release Property and Suitable for High-Speed Stamping

The good release property suggests that the foil easily separates from its carrier and adheres well to the substrate during stamping. This property is crucial for efficient and high-speed stamping processes, ensuring consistent and reliable results.

Good Transferring Performance for Fine Details and Board Areas

The good transferring performance of digital enhancement foil implies that it can accurately transfer intricate details and cover larger board areas during the stamping process. It is beneficial for applications where precision and coverage are essential, such as in intricate designs or large-format printing.

Good Adhesion to Various Substrates

The digital enhancement foil's ability to adhere well to various substrates indicates versatility in application. It suggests compatibility with different materials like paper, cardboard, or plastic, providing flexibility for use in various industries and printing applications.

Good Anti-Scratch and Rub Resistance Properties

The anti-scratch and rub resistance properties of digital enhancement foil enhance the durability of the stamped material. It is especially important for applications where the printed surface may undergo handling or friction, ensuring that the stamped elements remain intact and maintain their visual appeal over time.

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Application of Digital Enhancement Foil

Digital enhancement foil is well-suited for applications where visual appeal, durability, and versatility are crucial. Its application in diverse industries highlights its flexibility and ability to enhance the aesthetics of various printed materials in the digital printing industry.

Advertisement Materials

The strong 3D effect, rich colors, and high metallic gloss of Digital Enhancement Foil make it an excellent choice for creating eye-catching and attention-grabbing advertisement materials. Whether used in posters, flyers, or other promotional items, the foil can enhance the visual appeal of the content, making it more effective in capturing the audience's attention.

Book Covers

Book covers often require a combination of aesthetic appeal and durability. The foil's good adhesion to various substrates, along with its anti-scratch and rub resistance properties, makes it suitable for book covers. The ability to transfer fine details is also beneficial for intricate or elaborate cover designs.

Greeting Cards

Greeting cards often involve intricate designs and fine details, especially for special occasions. Digital Enhancement Foil's good transferring performance is advantageous in capturing the nuances of detailed artwork on greeting cards.

Regular Packaging (Cosmetic Boxes, Candy Boxes, Wine Boxes)

The foil's versatility in adhering to various substrates is crucial for packaging applications. Cosmetic boxes, candy boxes, and wine boxes often require attractive and luxurious packaging to enhance the perceived value of the products. The strong 3D effect and rich colors of digital enhancement foil contribute to a premium look, making it suitable for high-end packaging.

Other Applications in the Digital Printing Industry

Digital enhancement foil works well with different thicknesses and exhibits good release properties making it adaptable to diverse printing requirements.

Beyond the specific applications above mentioned, Digital Enhancement Foil can find use in a variety of other digital printing projects, including items like promotional materials, event invitations, certificates, and more.

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Applying those varnishes recommended by machine manufacturers for the digital printing application. Different thickness varnish volumes can be chosen to achieve different stamping effects.

Digital Printing Machines

This product is applicable for those machines equipped with varnish jetting and foiling units, such as SCODIX and MGI.

Shades Available

Silver/matte silver,  gold/matte gold, and other colors are available.

Transport and Storage

• Please use the product within one year from ship on board date.
• Keep the product in its original packaging and keep away from high temperature, high humidity, or sunlight exposure.
• Highest temperature for storage is 35℃.
• Highest temperature for transport is 50℃.
• Jumbo rolls should be suspended horizontally and avoid direct contact with the ground or other items.

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