Analysis of the correct choice of hot stamping foil.

Analysis of the correct choice of hot stamping foil.

07 Nov 2020

In the bronzing of products, the choice of hot stamping foil is very important. The following are several aspects that need to be paid attention to when choosing hot stamping foil:

1. First understand the substrate of the product. The substrate that needs bronzing determines the series of hot stamping foil. Commonly used plastic substrates that require hot stamping are: ABS, PP, PE, PVC (soft and hard), PC, PS, PU, ​​TPR, TPU, Saigang, nylon, bakelite, etc.; in addition, there are paper (divided into Coated paper, plain paper, coated paper, etc.), wood (whether painted or log), leather, clothing printing, etc.

2. The size of the bronzing area. Since the elasticity of the release layer of the bronzing paper is different, the size of the bronzing area is also very important for its selection. Generally, hot stamping paper can be divided into fine print hot stamping, small and medium area color blocks, large area color blocks, and multi-area hot stamping.

3. The method of using hot stamping and hot stamping is different. There are flat ironing and piping hot. There are metal plates and rubber plates according to the different hot plates used.

hot stamping foil

4. The hot stamping speed is different. Whether to use a fully automatic high-speed machine (the high-speed machine here is not the usual so-called pneumatic automatic, which is actually a semi-automatic machine), semi-automatic machine, manual machine, etc.

5. Hot stamping requirements. Whether it is necessary to print after hot stamping (including machine printing, oil injection, etc.).

6. Products used indoors or products used outdoors. For indoor products such as cosmetics, the bronzing requirements are very high.

7. The choice of brightness and color. As long as the above 6 conditions are met, then choose the brightness and color of the bronzing paper. Generally speaking, the brightness of anodized aluminum is higher than that of powder foil, and the brightness of anodized chromium is higher than that of anodized aluminum. The high-thickness bronzing paper has better brightness than the low-thickness bronzing paper.

In short, bronzing is a commonly used printing process, but it is not easy to do a good job of bronzing, especially in the choice of hot stamping foil.