3 Points Let You Know More about Hot Stamping

3 Points Let You Know More about Hot Stamping

09 Mar 2022

Hot Stamping Process

Foil stamping is a specialized printing process that involves the application of metallic printing and foil on materials such as plastic, paper, and card using heat, pressure, and metallic foil.

It may sometimes be referred to as foil stamping or hot stampings, such as designs, text, and graphics, and is an excellent way to produce high-quality luxury labels.

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How Does Foil Stamping Work?

The foil stamping process includes a foil stamping machine, foil stamping dies and sometimes stamping foil if you choose to add color.

The stamping process involves the use of a hot stamping machine, where the die is heated and the product to be stamped is placed underneath it and the dried paint or hot foil rolls is pressed into the surface of the product. It can be used to create different textures on the media, such as metallic, matt, gloss, etc.

This printing process of stamping differs from pad printing or screen printing in that it does not involve the use of any ink and is therefore not affected by the color or texture of the medium, and as the material involved is dry, hot stamping is a non-polluting process.
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What Foil Stamping Dies Are Available?

Depending on the effect required, different patterns and types of hot foil for stamping are used and therefore different foil dies to need to be prepared. In general, the following three metals can be used to make foil moulds.

1. Brass

Brass moulds are relatively expensive, brass is strong and durable and can last many times. Brass moulds are usually prepared by a CNC system, using different sized drills to etch the design on the mould.

2. Copper

Copper moulds take longer to etch and are heavier, allowing for the production of high-quality designs that last longer.
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3. Magnesium

Magnesium is a preferable and soft metal that can be easily worked into different patterns. Magnesium moulds are light in weight, have a short etching time and heat up very quickly.

4. Other types

In addition to the metal moulds mentioned above, there are also steel moulds and rubber moulds. These types of moulds are made for specific foil stamping. In addition to these, there are single layer moulds, pattern moulds and combination moulds.


When it comes to foil stamping, it is hard not to be fascinated by its many advantages. Of course, there is more to know about foil stamping than just the points mentioned above.

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